Reviews of earlier books by Linda Hoy




Your Friend, Rebecca

A first novel with its own voice and full of promise.
The Guardian.

Thoroughly convincing. A moving. wryly funny first novel.
Children's Books of the Year.

Quite remarkable that a first novel can be constructed so successfully out of such powerful themes. ..a stroke of genius.
The Junior Bookshelf.

Cohesive and original. ..the prose is flowing and imaginative. ...such sensitive depiction of the flawed but human adult is indeed refreshing
Ottowa Mail


The Damned

This is a book that must be read.. lobbing it into a room full of older pupils would both set them by the ears and give them enough to chew on for the rest of the term.
Times Educational Supplement.

A very funny book. ..more relevant sincere and polished than most teenage fiction.
City Limits.

A thought-provoking. controversial and chilling book.
Material Matters



Just try putting it down ... don't let any young person you know grow up without reading it.
Books for Keeps.

A powerful and disturbing work. ... an important novel for teenagers.
School Librarian.


United on Vacation

I loved every wise. funny word of this super book.
School Librarian.


Haddock 'n' Chips

Easy style. Amusing text and. basic black and white line drawings make this a fun read. Linda Hoy appreciates the language. humour and subject matter that appeal to primary readers.
Reading Time.


Dear Poltergeist

Satisfying and thought-provoking. . . a book with bite.
Literacy and Learning

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