The Effect:

the Journey of a Lifetime

What if religious belief could be backed up by science? What if new discoveries in cosmology and physics could suggest what spiritual leaders have been telling us for centuries? These are the exciting questions posed by Linda Hoy’s groundbreaking work, “The Effect”. Available from September 28 2012, it offers the strongest evidence yet for the existence of a soul and an afterlife.

While dismissing traditional religious myths, “The Effect” draws on new discoveries in cosmology and quantum physics to demonstrate that our being does not end when we die. Our lives are lived out countless times with countless variations. Multiple universes do indeed exist.

While sceptics like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and the late Christopher Hitchens famously portray religion as “anti science” Linda Hoy counters that science can reveal the existence of the spiritual plane described by the world’s leading religious movements.

The Effect cites experts ranging from the little-known Edwardian physicists to today’s foremost authorities on hidden energy and near-death experience. It uses pure science to validate what mystics and spiritual leaders have been telling us for centuries. It introduces us to groundmuts and dimension-hopping goldfish. It turns what we think of as reality on its head. It makes us cry and laugh out loud.


Formerly a die-hard atheist, Linda Hoy’s personal experiences led her to embark upon a painstaking investigation into what - if anything – follows death. In essence, The Effect is the journey of one sceptical Yorkshire woman from a stance of stubborn non-belief to a world of infinite possibilities.

If you thought mysticism was only for the devout or gullible, or found physics unfathomable, prepare to be amazed.



The Effect.

The Journey of a Lifetime (or two)



Published by O Books, September 2012

Available in paperback or e-book format.

271 pages including extensive bibliography and references index

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