Linda Hoy has tackled a vastly important subject with her characteristic panache and energy.  Don’t be fooled by the jaunty style – this book will make you think again and again.  Down-to-earth, irreverent, witty, self-deprecating, intimate, it is nevertheless far-ranging and hard-hitting.

Linda Hoy spreads lashings of common sense through both science and spirituality, and she somehow brings the two together without too violent a collision – an antidote for anyone who takes either too solemnly.  She shows us how she herself moved from arch-atheism to a spiritual way, but retained enough of her original scepticism to keep her away from credulity or excessive piety – Linda is not holier than thou.

As an experienced author, her book is totally readable – you will keep turning the pages, partly so as to link it all up, but mainly to see what will happen next.  Thoroughly recommended.

Paul Hunt,

Quaker News

August 2012

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