The tagline / subtitle for this book is what captured my attention and my curiosity: Where Science Meets Spirituality. Could there be such a thing?

A self-described "fundamentalist, evangelical born-again atheist", Linda Hoy begins to have experiences far outside her belief system. Being a curious sort, she goes looking for answers. But, there simply aren't any sources that answer all of her questions.

And thus we have The Effect, a compilation of her experiences, in-depth research, and some amazing conclusions.

Not to mention, a trip down the rabbit hole into the paranormal, dark matter, precognitive dreams, entanglement, multiple universe theory, and Groundhog's Day. The fact that each chapter starts with a quote from Alice's Adventures is just one more example of coincidences in need of explanation.

This is not what I'd call a light read; there is a lot of information here. But, without a doubt, it is fun. Ms. Hoy's Yorkshire sensibilities, wit, and self-deprecating humor keep the pages turning.

If for no other reason than to see how in the world this was all going to tie together. How she would answer her own question: "... if we really are surrounded by a multiverse of universes, why should science and the spiritual always live light years apart?"

Much of the work relates to the nature of time: what is known, what is questioned, what is hypothesized, and what may well be the truth. Calling on the work of Priestley and of Dunne, Hoy makes a fascinating case for mixed up time; for circular, not linear time.

This forms the basis for discussions of synchronicity, near-death experiences, lucid dreaming, parallel worlds, and Groundmut. (Don't ask, you'll just have to read the book.)

And read it, you should; no matter which side of the theological fence you call home. This is a thought-provoking book, challenging commonly-held beliefs in both the scientific and lay communities. It asks questions such as whether dejá vu occurs because we are experiencing an event that occurred in a previous time or because we are getting a brief glimpse into the future. Or both.

The Effect, and its author, don't shy away from some of the harsh realities, either. In coming to believe in the power of prayer, Ms. Hoy points out the very real fact that it doesn't work for everyone:

"... for one of the most demonstrable examples of this failure, we have only to look to those tragic families herded on to the trains that would deliver them to the most diabolical places of incarceration ever devised. Were most of them not righteous, godly people? Wouldn't they all have ... prayed earnestly every hour and minute of their journey into hell. ... And would those with children not have prayed that, at the very least, if they were not to survive, then the lives of the children might be spared?"

Despite my own personal experiences, I remain unconvinced. But, I will be reading this book again. And, undoubtedly, again.

There is a lot to digest and it may take my stubborn mind a bit of time to circle back around to relive the future.

Julie G. Hughes

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