Book of the Month - The Effect By Linda Hoy

This wonderful book is a lot of fun and does what it says on the tin ... Linda has gathered a lot of ideas, theories and proven facts from the worlds of science and spirituality and has woven them into a coherent and humorous book

A once-conventional and 'down to Earth' fictional author and staunch cynic of all things religious or just plain 'weird', Linda found that she was thrown into a bit of a quandary as all her beliefs were tested to the limit when divine intervention in the form of countless synchronicities began to take over her life and lead her down a very different path

As a result, she set foot in that 'no man’s land' between conventional science and the unconventional world of spirituality and began to explore the works of those who have trodden such a path before. This book is the result of her time, effort, extraordinary discoveries, amazing experiences and her wonderful sense of humor.

I thank my lovely new-found friend Mary Sewell in Singapore for providing me my own little synchronicity and leading me to reading this!

I leave you with an excerpt which continues on from her introduction to her 27 Angels that came into her life to prompt her into action:

>"...In the end, one fearful night, in the early hours, unable yet again to sleep, I tiptoed downstairs. I had a husband and three young children fast asleep and the last thing I wanted was for them to ask what I was up to. And anyway, I'd no idea. I had the notion that I would initiate something of a parley. What, Linda? Are you mad? Talk to a load of angels?

I poured myself a stiff vodka which seemed the only start. Pity I couldn't offer the bottle round. And how do you address a host of angels anyway?

I was at the time a teacher in a large secondary school and as I took a deep breath and another glug of vodka, I Focused my thoughts the way that seemed most though my angels were a rowdy, misbehaving class. I glowered at any that might be hiding behind the bookcase and adopted a Paddington Stare: Now, look here...

I paused. Whatever was I doing? I didn't believe in angels, It was like having a chat with the Wicked Witch of the East. I'm sorry. Sigh. I don't believe in you...I don't believe in anything...I didn't speak out loud, but that's how I started off. Long pause. Another drink. OK, I realise that you're trying to get in touch with me.Another pause. I'm willing to give it a go...I've just got no idea what to do

At this point, I should have heard - if the angels had been given a half-decent script - a fanfare of trumpets, an opening harp arpeggio, heavenly voices rising i sweet harmony and a chorus line of feet can-canning across the settee

I didn't

What actually happened was entirely unexpected and even more bizarre: a strange and overwhelming sense that whatever I'd said was OK. It was perfectly all right. It was fine for me to be just who I was. It was as though I were being enfolded. Enfolded in what...I'd no idea. White gossamer wings, presumably. I simply had an overwhelming sense of peace. Peace and love and reassurance that everything would be all right.

So much love and reassurance, I simply broke down in tears...”

Debbie McDougall,

December 2012

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