Index of reviews about The Effect by Linda Hoy

Terrific - though I argued with it

Alison Leonard on Amazon Feb 2013

terrifically entertaining and thought provoking ... an intellectual roller coaster, exploring issues of life, death, afterlife, time and multiple universes ... fun and accessible

Steve Sullivan, Baltimore Sun, 2012

warm-hearted, imaginative, a mine of information, eccentric and slightly outrageous ...Linda holds my hand into a discovery of worlds beyond words ... enchanting ... I would recommend this book.  Treat yourself.

Harvey Gillman, The Friend, September 2012

a wonderful attempt at uniting what has been torn asunder ever since Nietzsche declared that God was dead. ... Important and timely

Béa Gonzalez ,, 2012

fun. Ms. Hoy's Yorkshire sensibilities, wit, and self-deprecating humor keep the pages turning. Read it, you should;   a thought-provoking book, challenging commonly-held beliefs in both the scientific and lay communities

Julie G. Hughes , Random Musings, 2012

Down-to-earth, irreverent, witty, self-deprecating, intimate, it is nevertheless far-ranging and hard-hitting. Totally readable – you will keep turning the pages,.  Thoroughly recommended.

Paul Hunt, Quaker News, August 2012

Book of the Month - The Effect By Linda Hoy

This wonderful book is a lot of fun and does what it says on the tin ... extraordinary discoveries, amazing experiences and wonderful sense of humor

Debbie McDougall, Reiki Light Centre

Expertly researched and a raucous page-turner, The Effect throws tradition to the wind

The Turkish Journal,, 2012

frank and unsentimental testimony

Geoff Ward, Mysterious Planet, 2012

vivid and compelling ... powerfully written book

Max Payne, Scientific and Medical Network magazine, August 2012

A rare treasure ... An extremely important work that deserves to be taken seriously. Essential reading.

Jon Velstadt, Tower Books, 2012

easy-going and witty style ... a very accessible style  – I wish I could have written one just as easy to read.

Howard Jones, November  2012, author of  Evolution of Consciousness

a good book showing the journey from atheism to “something” out there.

Joan Nienhuis, Bookwoman Joan, November 2012

... the afterlife, and the ultimate nature of our purpose in the universe. "The Effect" is not to be overlooked ... recommended.

Mary Cowper, Mid West Book review, October 2012

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